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What's the Best Beverage Refrigerator in 2019


Having a beverage refrigerator or “beverage cooler” somewhere in your home or in your office, will give you easy access to your preferred beverages, and you’ll be able to have them with the exact temperature you want, as these devices comes with precise temperature controls. As there’s a lot of options, it might be difficult knowing what’s the best beverage refrigerator, and what models that are worth your money. This is why we’ve put together this mini-guide, with reviews and ratings of the best beverage refrigerators / coolers, to help you find the most reliable and effective units on the market.



8. Phiestina PH-CBR100 Beverage Cooler

Review of the Phiestina PH-CBR100 Beverage Cooler
Phiestina PH-CBR100 Beverage Cooler



Dimensions: 22.5 x 15.6 x 33.1 inches
Item Weight: 72.8 pounds
Capacity: 3.5 cubic feet (99L)





7.5 / 10 Our Rating
  • Affordable
  • Solid built, stylish design
  • Cool blue LED-lights on the inside
  • LCD touchscreen for thermostat adjustments
  • Cons
  • New brand, not a lot of history
  • Summary
    The "Phiestina" brand is rather new, and it's difficult to track them down as they don't seem to have a website, only a Facebook page. Although, that might seem a little disconcerting, their products seems to be of a high standard and they've got lots of positive user reviews and satisfied customers. Their PH-CBR100 Beverage Cooler has only been around since 2016, but it has already managed to get quite popular. This cooler, built in stainless steel can store up to 106 cans, and comes with cool blue LED-lights on the inside and a glass door with a handle.
      In addition to having a stylish look, it has got six nice, removable wire shelves that will allow you to store both bottles and cans. The thermostat on this unit ranges from 38 - 50°F, and can be set and adjusted by using the LCD-touchscreen that is located close to the top of the unit. To cool the air and circulate it around, the PH-CBR100, like most other beverage refrigerators, uses a compressor cooling system. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, in case something were to go wrong.
        What Do Owners Say: Like we mentioned earlier, this beverage cooler is quite popular, and it has got lots of positive reviews, although there is a couple buyers who are reporting that they are experiencing condensed water on the glass, but that does not seem to be a bigger issue. If you don't have any concerns with buying a cooler from a rather unknown brand, we think the Phiestina PH-CBR100 would be a good buy.

        Bottom Line: Stylish looking beverage fridge, that comes with some really nice features


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        7. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

        Review of the Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator
        Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator


        Dimensions: 18.5 x 17 x 33 inches
        Item Weight: 57 pounds
        Capacity: 3.1 cubic feet (88L)





        7.5 / 10 Our Rating
      • Affordable, offers value for money
      • "Premium" appearance
      • Adjustable and removable shelves
      • LED interior light
      • Cons
      • It might be hard to reach the thermostat when the cooler is full
      • Summary
        If you're looking for an affordable and efficient free-standing beverage refrigerator, the Whynter BR-130SB is one of the better options out there. The black cabinet with a stainless steel trim, combined with a sleek glass door, makes this unit aesthetically pleasing, in addition to being a practical and convenient solution for beverage storage.
          The Whynter cooler can store up to 120 standard 12.oz cans and comes with a mechanical control located in front of the LED-light inside the unit, which allows you to adjust the temperature, ranging from 30-60ºF. The compressor cooling system, which is internal fan-forced, makes sure that the temperature is evenly adjusted and that all the beverages will be sufficiently chilled at any time. It also comes with 5 adjustable and removable wire shelves that allows you to store bottles, as well as cans. This unit comes with a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
            What Do Owners Say: Although, most buyer reviews are positive, there are some that are reporting that the temperature doesn't get as low as 30ºF, as advertised by the manufacturer. Still, there is only a few out of many that are reporting this, and the Wynther BR-130SB is one of the most popular beverage fridges, and it's also recommended by Amazon, and would be a good choice, especially if you're looking for a unit that offers value for money.

            Bottom Line: This beverage fridge can compete with more expensive units, and is a good budget choice


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            6. Kalamera 15” Beverage Cooler

            Review of the Kalamera 15” Beverage Cooler
            Kalamera 15” Beverage Cooler


            Dimensions: 22.4 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches
            Item Weight: 72.8 pounds
            Capacity: 96 cans





            7.5 / 10 Our Rating
          • Elegant design
          • Safety lock
          • Interior LED-light
          • 6 adjustable and removable shelves
          • Operates quietly
          • Cons
          • It's a bit expensive
          • Summary
            The elegant beverage cooler from Kalamera can work as either built in or as a standalone unit, as it has got a front facing ventilation system. This cooler can store up to 96 cans, it has got blue interior LED-light, and it comes with 6 removable and adjustable wire shelves, which allows you to customize the space inside the fridge the way you want it.
              In addition to having a convenient digital temperature control, it comes with a temperature memory function that restores the temperature that's been set, when there's a power loss. The Kalamera features a compressor system that uses long cycles, which means it will operate quietly, as it'll have fewer starts and stops, and will operate on a lower speed, and it also comes with a safety lock, that can help you protect the beverages from unwanted hands. This unit comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.
                What Do Owners Say: The Kalamera 15" cooler is one of the most popular beverage refrigerators on the market, and it has got a relatively high rating on Amazon. It has mostly got positive reviews, and the customers seems to be pleased with their purchase, although there are some that are reporting of a slight plastic smell when they opened it for the first time, but this doesn't seem to be a big issue.

                Bottom Line: Solid beverage fridge with nice design, that’ll work either as a built in or standalone unit


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                5. NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator AB850


                Dimensions: 49 pounds
                Item Weight: 17 x 18.5 x 25.2 inches
                Capacity: 2.2 cubit feet (62L)




                8 / 10 Our Rating
              • Nice-looking and compact freestanding beverage cooler
              • 5 removable and adjustable storage chrome racks
              • LED interior light
              • Temperature can be set as low as 34°F
              • Cons
              • It's a bit noicy
              • Summary
                The NewAir AB-850 freestanding beverage cooler is the lightest unit on our list and weighs only 49 pounds. This affordable and compact cooler will fit anywhere you need storage for your preferred beverages, and it comes with an 84 cans storage capacity, and with 5 removable storage metal racks that'll allow you to fit both cans and bottles of various sizes. This unit has got a light (LED) on the ceiling that showcases what's on the inside, which can be turned on or off by using a switch.
                  You can also find a temperature control inside this beverage refrigerator, that can set as low as 34°F, which is lower that most other models on the market. If the capacity on this unit is not big enough, NewAir has also got a larger model that comes with 126 cans capacity. Any manufacturer defects are covered by a 1-year warranty.
                    What Do Owners Say: This is one of the most sold beverage coolers on Amazon, and the overall impression is that this is an affordable unit that offers a lot of value for money. However, some are reporting that the temperature tend to fluctuate a little on their coolers, and that it can be a little noisy.

                    Bottom Line: Affordable and compact cooler


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                    4. Koldfront BBR900BL Beverage Cooler

                    Review of the Koldfront BBR900BL Beverage Cooler
                    Koldfront BBR900BL Beverage Cooler


                    Dimensions: 32 x 15 x 23.7 inches
                    Item Weight: 89 pounds
                    Capacity: 80 cans





                    8.5 / 10 Our Rating
                  • Maintains temperature well
                  • Blue LED interior light
                  • Stylish black design
                  • Auto defrost all refrigerator
                  • Reversible tempered glass door
                  • Cons
                  • Shelf spacing options could be better, as the control panel takes up a bit of the center space on the upper shelf
                  • Summary
                    The Koldfront BBR900BL comes in a sleek black design (with a matching handle) and is an under counter beverage cooler with a front facing ventilation system, that will look good no matter where you intend to place it. This unit can store as many as 80 cans, and comes with blue LED interior light and with a reversible tempered glass door that is extra insulated, to keep the temperature inside as stable as possible, which allows the compressor to work less.
                      Its temperature can be adjusted by using the soft touch electronic control, and ranges from 38 - 50°F, and it also comes with 3 wire shelfs, and with an auto defrost function, which means you'll never have to worry about any ice building up on the inside. If anything were to go wrong with this appliance, you're covered by a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.
                        What Do Owners Say: This unit is very highly rated on Amazon, and most people who have bought this beverage refrigerator seems to be pleased with their purchase, and there is barely any dissatisfied customers, which is a very good sign. Many are reporting that it is easy to install, and that the fridge operates quietly, which is obviously a huge plus.

                        Bottom Line: Affordable and solid cooler that maintains temperature very well


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                        3. EdgeStar CBR901SG Wide Built-in Beverage Cooler

                        Review of the EdgeStar CBR901SG Wide Built-in Beverage Cooler
                        EdgeStar CBR901SG Wide Built-in Beverage Cooler


                        Dimensions: 32 x 15 x 23 inches
                        Item Weight: 89 pounds
                        Capacity: 80 cans





                        9 / 10 Our Rating
                      • Nice design
                      • Auto defrost
                      • Blue LED interior light
                      • Security Lock
                      • Maintains temperature in a good way
                      • Cons
                      • Some buyers are reporting that they find it difficult to adjust the shelves
                      • Summary
                        Edgestar's CBR901SG built-in beverage cooler is very similar to the unit above, as it has got storage room for 80 cans, comes with blue low-energy interior LED-light, and a tempered reversible glass door, which lets you see all the drinks that you've got stored inside the cabinet.
                          The temperature can be easily adjusted, using the soft touch electronic thermostat, and ranges from 38 - 50 Fahrenheit. It also comes with three removable solid glass shelves, that makes it possible for you to store bottles, as well as cans. The fan-forced circulation and compressor based cooling system are capable of keeping the temperature steady, and the front vented ventilation system allows you to have it under the counter or as a freestanding unit. This beverage refrigerator comes with an integrated lock that is located at the bottom of the unit, which provides extra security for unauthorized use.
                            What Do Owners Say: Most buyers who have left a review of this unit, seems to be very happy with their purchase, and it has got one of the best ratings for beverage coolers on Amazon, which is a very good sign. A lot of customers seems to be pleased with how easy it is to install, and the solid majority thinks it is well worth the money.

                            Bottom Line: Good looking unit that comes with a lot of nice features


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                            2. Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center – Best Budget Beverage Refrigerator

                            Review of the Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center
                            Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center


                            Dimensions: 19.8 x 17.9 x 33.7 inches
                            Item Weight: 68.9 pounds
                            Capacity: 3.3 cubic feet (93.5L)





                            9 / 10 Our Rating
                          • Affordable and compact
                          • Big capacity
                          • Interior LED light
                          • Integrated lock
                          • Cons
                          • Doesn't get as cold as the other models
                          • Summary
                            Our best budget pick is the Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center. This is Amazon's #1 best-selling beverage refrigerator, and this compact and good-looking unit is perfect for those who wants their beverages cool, but not too chilly. The Danby beverage center can hold up to 120 cans, and comes with 3 adjustable internal storage trays that'll allow you to store not just cans, but also bottles of various sizes.
                              The unit has a mechanical thermostat that can be adjusted (43 - 57°F), and it has got LED interior light that will turn on automatically when the door opens, and shut off when the door closes. The glass door on the Danby is tempered, bordered with stainless steel, and it has got an integrated lock, that will protect the content from children or other unwanted "visitors". The warranty on this product is 1 year, same as all the other appliances of its kind.
                                What Do Owners Say: Like already mentioned, this is the most sold beverage cooler on Amazon, and most of the buyers seems to be very happy with their purchase. However, there are some that has reported that they were having problems with the compressor system over time, and others were unimpressed by the finish, with things like the lock and hinges, but that's only a small fraction of the buyers, and we still think the Danby beverage cooler is a good choice, and offers the best value for money of the lot.

                                Bottom Line: Compact and affordable – the best budget beverage cooler


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                                1. Avallon ABR241SG Built-in Beverage Cooler

                                Review of the Avallon ABR241SG Built-in Beverage Cooler
                                Avallon ABR241SG Built-in Beverage Cooler


                                Dimensions: 23.7 x 23.9 x 34.5 inches
                                Item Weight: 114 pounds
                                Capacity: 152 cans






                                9.5 / 10 Our Rating
                              • Stylish design, high-end look
                              • Large capacity
                              • LED-lights that can alternate (blue/white)
                              • Easy to use controls
                              • Security lock
                              • Frost free
                              • Cons
                              • It's a bit expensive
                              • Summary
                                The Avallon ABR241SG tops our list of the best beverage refrigerators on Amazon. This high-end appliance covered in stainless steel can store up to 152 cans on its 3 glass shelves (removable), and comes with a touch control panel that'll make it easy to adjust the temperature, which is ranging from 34 - 50°F. The powerful circulation fans and compressor works to distribute the cold air evenly throughout, and is designed to keep all the beverages inside at a sustained temperature. As it has got a front ventilation system, the Avallon ABR241SG can be used either built in under the counter, or as a standalone unit.
                                  The internal LED-lights on this unit can alternate between bright white and soft blue, which is quite cool. In addition to this, it is frost free, and it also has got a security lock that can prevent children or others from getting access to your beverages. With a 1-year warranty on parts, labor and shipping, and a nice 5 years limited warranty (repair/replace) for the compressor only, Avallon has got one of the best warranties offered for beverage coolers.
                                    What Do Owners Say: Avallon's ABR241SG model is one of the highest rated products in this category on Amazon, and having read through all the reviews from the customers, almost all of them are positive and there are very few negative reviews. It is also worth noting that a lot of the buyers are impressed with how silent this fridge operates. Whether you intend to purchase this unit for home use, or for commercial use, it is definitely one that is worth checking out.

                                    Bottom Line: Great beverage refrigerator both for home or for commercial use


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                                    Why Buy a Beverage Refrigerator?

                                    Obviously, the main reason most people will want to add a beverage fridge to their space is because they’ll have easy access to cool drinks whenever they want it, but there’s also some other reasons why purchasing a beverage refrigerator might be a good idea.

                                    Large family – If you’ve got several people in your household, you might tend to buy in bulk, and this can leave the space in your refrigerator a bit tight. A beverage cooler is designed to hold cans and bottles, and by adding one to your space you won’t have to worry about the shelves in your fridge being cluttered.

                                    Parties and gatherings – If you frequently have a lot of guests coming over, a beverage refrigerator will be perfect for having your preferred beverages stored near the entertaining area.

                                    Decorative enhancement, modern designs – Beverage coolers are not only practical, many of them also has a stylish look, with brushed and polished stainless steel exteriors, glass doors, and even lights.

                                    Outdoor use – Outdoor beverage coolers are designed to withstand outdoor temperatures, and will be practical and perfect for outdoor decks or patios, where you’re likely to spend a lot of time.

                                    Other areas of your house – Flexibility is one of the benefits that comes with owning a beverage refrigerator. As they are smaller that regular refrigerators, they are perfect for offices, family rooms, home bars, game rooms, gym rooms and many other places.




                                    How to Choose the Ideal Beverage Fridge

                                    The first thing you’ll want to do is to decide on a budget. Beverage fridges can range from about $100 to over $1000, depending on the style, size, features and so on. The more expensive beverage fridges usually have precise, digital temperature controls, and some will also come with independent storage zones, with temperature controls for each individual zone.

                                    Size is the next thing you’ll need to think about. Figure out how much space have you got to work with, and how much you’re looking to store. You can either choose between a free-standing unit, that is meant to stand alone and that needs some space to operate properly, or a built-in (also referred to as an under counter) unit, which is designed to be built in under your counter.

                                    Build-quality and design is obviously also a very important factor, and parts (shelves, hinges, handles etc) of metal are usually a good sign that the unit will be able to stand up to daily use.

                                    In general, beverage refrigerators aren’t exactly the type of appliance that are the most reliable, and buying some additional coverage of warranty would always be a good idea when you purchase a beverage fridge.



                                    Final Thoughts

                                    There’s no definite answer to what’s the best beverage refrigerator, as it’ll depend on your budget and criteria, but hopefully our list will be able to help you a bit on the way of finding a fridge that will suit your specific needs.

                                    When choosing a beverage refrigerator, you might want to avoid the cheapest models (under $200), as many of these can be quite unreliable, and you might end up spending more money having to replace it, a few months down the line. As mentioned, you might also want to consider purchasing an extended warranty, as most models only comes with a 1-year warranty.

                                    If none of our recommendations are a good fit for you, you can check out the other best-selling beverage coolers on Amazon, here.


                                    Other best picks:


                                    2 comments on “What’s the Best Beverage Refrigerator in 2021? – Reviews & Ratings


                                    This is the kind of fridge I need for my college dorm room.

                                    I was considering getting a second mini fridge because I don´t trust the rest of the people in our shared kitchen but this is way better! It can’t be too noisy, though. Do these fridges make a lot of noice?

                                    Fave Appliances

                                    Hi Nikolas!

                                    In general, they make about the same amount of noice as standard sized refrigerators. A weak humming sound from the compressor is the only thing you might hear, but during customary operation it shouldn’t make any louder noice than that. There is some slight differences between the models as well of course, when it comes to the noice level. If there is any loud noices, it is usually a sign that the fridge requires some maintenance.


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