Tips For Buying Home Appliances Online

Tips For Buying Home Appliances Online

More and more people are buying their home appliances online these days as is it saves you a lot of time, it’s easy, and you’re also highly likely to save some money by doing so as well. However, there are some things that you definitely need to keep in mind when you’re shopping for appliances, and especially when you’re purchasing them online.

Our tips for buying home appliances online will hopefully be helpful the next time when you’re about to select your next fridge, microwave, washing machine, blender, etc.


1. What Do You Need?

This is probably the most important question you need to ask yourself before buying an appliance. What features is essential for you and the other people in your household when it comes to the appliances you’re about to purchase? For a household of 1-2 people, you won’t need a side-by-side fridge or a 10kg capacity washing machine, as you will lose money on increased running costs for water and power that you don’t really need. The smartest thing to do would be to evaluate what you really need, what you can afford, and what you want, and then buy in relation to that.


2. Measure Your Space

Measure Your Space

Before purchasing anything, you’ll first want to make sure that you’ve measured the length, depth and width of the space where your new appliance should fit. You’ll also want to make sure that it’ll fit through the doors and corridors that you’ll need to carry the machine through to get it into place. Double checking the dimensions of a large product is always a good idea, especially when you’re buying something online, as it’ll cost you a bit both in time and money to have them returned and exchanged.

Also, remember to ensure space if the machine you’re planning to buy needs wiring and plugs at the back. Getting it right the first time is always a lot better than having to go trough the hassle of exchanging it.


3. Do Research

The people who own the appliances you’re about to get, are more likely to know what is good and what is not so good about the product that you’re looking to buy. Reading online reviews will therefore help you a lot in making a decision, as people aren’t shy to share their experiences online these days. If a certain brand of bread maker that you’re looking to get is incredibly noisy, you’ll want to know about it, and by checking out the reviews you’re far more likely to make a better and more informed choice.


4. Compare the Various Models

To ensure that you make the best buy, and get value for your money, you’ll want to compare the various models of the appliance you’re looking to buy, against each other.

  • What product has the best price, features, versatility, warranty, design, energy efficiency, etc..?
  • Where can you get them for the best price, with the most service included?
  • Which product has the best reviews and are most liked by people who own them?

You can also search online for buyers guide with reviews and comparisons of the appliances you’re looking to get, as these are very helpful when it comes to getting all the information you need in one place. This will save you a lot of time and help you a lot in making the best decision.

Here’s some of our buyer’s guides with reviews and comparisons:

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– Best Soundbars Under $400
– The 11 Best Air Fryers on the Market
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5. Is the Appliance Energy Effiencent?

The energy efficiency of the appliance is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Some appliances (like refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers) will have Energy Star​ Certifications, which means they meet the standard of energy efficiency. These will often have an energy guide that shows the annual cost of operation compared to other models.


6. Check the Warranty & Research the Company You’re Buying From ​

Reading and understanding the warranty is very important before you start buying appliances. Some warranties do not cover the entire product, but only certain parts of it, so make sure that you’ve fully understood the warranty that you’re given. When buying from an online company, you should also check whether it is the online company or the manufacturer that is responsible if something goes wrong.

Each company has different policies, and you should read up on their delivery options and how they handle exchanges and return, as well as find out if they charge restocking fees, and basically anything else that you’d like to know about.


7. Wait Till the Best Time For Buying Appliances

​Timing is a huge factor when it comes to landing the best deals and getting value for your money. September and October (& January) are usually the best months to buy home appliances, as this is the time when manufacturers bring out their new models, and the retailers are looking to move last year’s inventory. Refrigerators is the exception, as new models comes out in spring and sales is usually held in May.

Best Time To Buy Appliances

The major holidays is also a good time for buying appliances. Memorial day, Labor day, Presidents Day, Black Friday (thursday-saturday), cyber monday, Christmas and new years sales is a perfect time for purchasing your new appliances at a decent price.

You’re also likely to save some money by buying appliances like grills and air conditioners off-season, like in the fall or winter.


8. Plan What To Do With Your Old Appliances

​If you’ve ordered a new appliance, you need to decide what to do with the old unit, if you’ve got one. If it’s still working you may be able to get some money for it, by putting it out for sale on a site like Craiglist, or you could donate it to a charitable organization​. If your unit is no longer working, you’ll need to recycle it. Some recycling facilities will pay money for an old appliance, while some will come and pick it up and cart it away.


9. Inspect the Appliance Thoroughly Upon Arrival

​As soon as the appliance is delivered, the first thing you should do is to look over it to see if there is any sign of damage. You should not sign for it unless you’re fully satisfied with the condition it’s in. This is always a good advice to follow, especially when you’ve just bought something very expensive. If the shippers doesn’t give you the chance to inspect the items for damages, you could sign for it and write “damaged” on the invoice, as this’ll protect you if you find any damage on your new appliances later.



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2 comments on “Tips For Buying Home Appliances Online


Quite a nice article there.
I have really liked your tips and I agree with one of the things you’ve really emphasized on. That is, research.
Researching for a product’s features online, or asking/reading reviews of guys already using it, or researching about the manufacturer is a very sure way of getting value for money. I agree with you 100%.
Maybe to ask, are there a few suggestions you have on where one could get information that is not biased at all in the internet in modern times?

Fave Appliances


Glad you liked our article 🙂 

Biased information is everywhere in some sort, so I’d advice you to use several sources of information when your trying to form an opinion about a product that you’re looking to buy, especially when it costs a lot of money.


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