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A ceiling fan can be a great addition to any home as it has the ability to circulate air in a very effective way, and it can be useful for both cooling and heating. The elegant and aesthetic designs on most ceiling fans also helps to make your home look more stylish, as it can complement any decor.

Choosing a ceiling fan can be quite difficult as you’ll need to find the ideal style that you’ll want, the right size that will fit your room, the right type of lighting, and the fan has to contain all the features that you’ll want, all while staying within a budget. Our buyer’s guide, with reviews of the best ceiling fans of 2020 will hopefully be able to help you select the perfect ceiling fan for your needs.


Name: Size (diameter)Number of BladesIndoor / Outdoor 
Emerson CF905VNB Prima Snugger52"5 IndoorOur Fave
Hunter 5106142"5IndoorBest Value
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe52"5Indoor
Minka-Aire F843-WH, Wave52"3Indoor
Hunter 54098 Bayview54"5OutdoorBest Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Hunter 52092 Watson34"5Indoor
Kensgrove LED Indoor/Outdoor 72"8Indoor / Outdoor
Monte Carlo 5DI44WHD, Discus II44"5Indoor
Westinghouse 7801665 Comet52"5Indoor
Hampton Bay Hugger52"5Indoor

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work – What Are the Benefits?

Most people probably understand the concept of a ceiling fan, but you might not be aware of how some ceiling fans are able to be effective for both cooling and heating. When a fan is in default mode, the fan blades turn and pushes the air downwards, creating a downdraft that will make the room feel significantly cooler. Most ceiling fans comes with an option to switch the function of the blade, to updraft. This means it reverses the pathway of the airflow, by creating an updraft, which then mixes the cool air from the lower portion of the room with the much warmer air above. The mixed air then gets pushed outward, and then down the walls, to make your room feel warmer. Just remember, if you want it warmer (winter) the fan should rotate clockwise, while if you want it cooler (summer), it should rotate counterclockwise.

The benefits of using a ceiling fan is that you could lower or raise your thermostat by a few degrees, depending on if its warm or cold outside, and you won’t notice the difference in temperature. Even though your fan uses a small amount of electricity, you’ll save money overall from energy use.

An outdoor ceiling fan is also an excellent option if you want something to keep you cool, and something that’ll help keep insects away, while spending time on your favourite outdoor spot, like your porch or patio.


How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan For Your Home?

When you’re selecting a ceiling fan, you’ll first have to decide whether it’s to be used outdoors or indoors, and which room to install it in. It will obviously benefit you a lot more having it in a room were you’re spending a lot of time. You should keep in mind that outdoor ceiling fans can be installed indoor, while indoor ceiling fans should not be installed outdoors.

The size of the fan is the next thing you’ll need to think about. Here are the recommendations from Energy-Star, regarding the size of the blade span in relations to the size of the room:

  • Up to 75 square feet —— 29-36 inches
  • 76 – 144 square feet —— 36-42 inches
  • 144 – 225 square feet —– 44 inches
  • 225 – 400 square feet —– 50-54 inches

If the room that you’ve decided to place your ceiling fan has a high ceiling, you should choose a fan that can hang from a downrod, as having it closer to the ground will have it circulating the air in your room better and more effectively. Basically, any ceiling over 9-feet tall is going to require a downrod. See below for recommended downrod length in comparison to the ceiling height:

Ceiling Height —————— Downrod Size

  • 9 foot————————-6 inch
  • 10 foot———————–12 inch
  • 12 foot———————–24 inch
  • 14 foot———————–36 inch
  • 16 foot———————–48 inch
  • 18 foot———————–60 inch
  • 20 foot———————–72 inch

Another thing to consider is what main functions the fan should have. Do you want it to be used for making the room cooler or warmer, to improve the ambiance of your space, add some extra lighting or a combination of all of those? Depending on the functions you want, you’ll also need to decide on the number of blades, speed settings, rotation and direction of the fan, and what type of accessories that you’ll need.

When searching for ceiling fans you’re likely to see the acronym CFM (cubic feet per minute), also referred to as airflow, with a number to it. This is an important measurement that tells you something about the volume of air, and about the rate at which it moves. Simply put, the greater the CFM of a fan is, the more air it will move. To determine the airflow’s efficiency, you’ll also need to look at the amount of energy/wattage it needs to run the fan at the highest speed. Fans that has got a high CFM & low power usage would be the ideal, as these would be more energy efficient.

Last but not least, you’ll need to choose the type of fan that will suit with the style of your room. Ceiling fans comes in all types and styles, so finding one that’ll go great together with your room design shouldn’t be a problem for you at all. Most ceiling fans will cost somewhere between $50-250.

If you’re thinking of buying a ceiling fan online, you should first check out our tips for buying home appliances online.

Below, you’ll find  our reviews of the 10 best ceiling fans on the market, from across all categories (indoor, outdoor, bedroom)

Emerson CF905VNB Prima Snugger 52″ Venetian Bronze

Our FaveView On Amazon

If you’re looking for an indoor ceiling fan of the highest quality, then the Emerson Prima is definitely one you need to check out. This elegant and stylish looking ceiling fan will add a traditional style to your decor, and it will be a perfect addition for any room with lower ceiling clearance, as this Prima “Snugger” version can sit tight to the ceiling and will only hang down 8.1 inch (20cm) from the ceiling when installed. This unit comes with five reversible walnut/dark cherry blades and a 52″ blade span, ideal for use in rooms up to 400 square feet.

The Emerson Prima Snugger features a four-speed wall control, and as mentioned, it can be reversed by flipping a switch, meaning you’ll get the hot air that is trapped near the ceiling recirculated in the wintertime, which will allow you to set your thermostat lower and save money on heating costs.

This ceiling fan operates very quietly, while its still able to be very efficient at the same time as it has an airflow rate of up to 5145 CFM. The motor on this ceiling fan has a nice limited lifetime guarantee, while other parts and electronics has a one-year warranty. Additional accessories like a light-kit, four speed remote, and hand-carved blades can all be purchased separately.

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan with a downrod, you should check out the traditional “downrod” version of the Emerson Prima Ceiling Fan (CF901).

Key features:

  • Five reversible blades – 52″ blade span
  • 13-degree blade pitch
  • Four-speed wall control
  • Airflow rate up to 5145 CFM
  • Sits tight to the ceiling (8.1 inch)
  • Also available in: Oil rubbed bronze, brushed steel, satin white

Bottom Line: Elegant, effective and reversible ceiling fan, perfect for rooms with lower clearance to the ceiling.

Hunter 51061 42″ Ceiling Fan, New Bronze – Best Budget Pick

Best ValueView On Amazon

If you’re looking for an affordable ceiling fan that’ll give you value for money, the Hunter 51061 low profile 42-inch Ceiling Fan is definitely one to check out. This stylish and nice looking unit comes with a reversible WhisperWind motor that will deliver powerful air movement, whilst barely making any sound at all. The Hunter 51061 is a low-profile ceiling fan, meaning it’s perfect for low ceilings and small rooms, as it will hang down only 8,8 inches from the ceiling when installed. As for the blades, this device comes with 5 reversible wine country / weathered oak blades, with a 13 degree blade pitch for the best air movement and performance.

The Hunter 51061 comes with a three-speeds pull chain, and has an airflow rate of maximum 2902 CFM, which makes it a great addition to your living room or bedroom. This unit does not come with a light-kit, but it is light-kit adaptable, and it could purchased separately if needed. Hunter offers a nice limited lifetime warranty on the motor of this product, meaning if any part of your motor fails due to a defect in material or workmanship during your lifetime, you’ll get a replacement part free of charge.

Key features:

  • Reversible and powerful WhisperWind motor that operates quietly
  • Low profile ceiling fan that sits tight to the ceiling (8.8 inches)
  • Three-speeds pull-chain switch
  • 5 reversible wine country / weathered oak blades with a diameter of 42 inch
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the motor

Bottom Line: Affordable and elegant looking, low profile ceiling fan


Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light 52″ Ceiling Fan, New Bronze

View On Amazon

The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan is one of the most popular and most sold ceiling fans on the market, and it’s easy to understand why, as its combination of a traditional, elegant and modern style, makes it able to blend in with pretty much any decor. This unit comes with 5 cherry/stained oak blades with a 52 inches blades span, making it suitable for rooms up to 400 sq. ft. It also comes with a light bowl that requires two 60W candelabra bulbs, which are included with the fan. You can also have it installed without the light, if you prefer so.

The motor on the Hunter 53091 is reversible, which means it’ll help you save some money on heating costs, as this unit will recirculate the hot air trapped near the ceiling in the wintertime, allowing you to set your thermostat lower. It also operates very quietly, at any speed, which is something the owners of this ceiling fan seem to appreciate, as its mentioned in most reviews of the Hunter 53091. As for installing it, this fan can be installed using standard, flush or angle-mounting, for increased versatility. The pull chain that is included will let you adjust the speed and turn the fan on/off in an easy way. This unit comes with a nice limited lifetime warranty on the motor, and a one-year limited warranty on the parts, excluding the glass globe and light bulbs.

Key Features:

  • Reversible WhisperWind motor that delivers a quiet performance, no matter the speed
  • 5 cherry/stained oak blades – 52 inches blade span – 13 degree blade pitch
  • Light bowl, two 60W candelabra bulbs included
  • Pull-chain operational
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the motor – one-year limited on parts
  • Airflow up to 5102 CFM

Bottom Line: The Hunter 53091 is effective, operates quietly, and will look good in any home.


Minka-Aire F843-WH, Wave, 52″ Ceiling Fan, White, Works with Alexa

View On Amazon

The Minka-Aire F843-WH ceiling fan is a modern and stylish-looking unit that comes in either a white, brown or silver finish. This ceiling fan is reversible, has got three blades, with a blade sweep diameter of 52 inches, and it comes with both a 3,5″ and 6″ downrod, and with an angled ceiling adapter. A cool thing about this unit is that it works with Alexa, meaning it can be voice controlled if you’ve got the Bond hub (sold separately) that is required. It also comes with a handheld remote, that allows you to easily change between its three speeds.

The angled ceiling adapter that comes with the Minka-Aire F843-WH, allows you to mount it up to 21° angled ceiling. If you want to have it installed on a ceiling with a 21° to 45° angle, you’ll have to buy the A245-WH adapter that is sold separately. This ceiling fan has got a very good overall rating (4.3 of 5) on Amazon, but a few owners are reporting that they are experiencing a slight buzz-sound after installing it. If anything were to go wrong with the motor, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • Modern design
  • 3 blades – 52 inches blade sweep diameter
  • Comes with a 3,5″ and 6″ downrod, and an angled ceiling adapter (up to 21°)
  • Three speeds remote – maximum air flow capacity of 6585 CFM
  • Comes in white, silver or brown finish
  • Motor backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Bottom Line: The Minka-Aire F843-WH comes in a modern design and with a lot of nice features


Hunter 54098 Bayview 54 inches – Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

View On Amazon

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan to use outdoors on your porch or patio, then the Hunter 54098 is one you need to check out. This ceiling fan comes in a provencal gold finish with 5 antique dark wicker / antique dark palm leaf plastic blades, is ETL damp-rated for use in patios, porches and sunrooms, and it has a blade span of 54 inches. The reversible WhisperWind motor on the Hunter 54098 allows you to change the direction of your fan, depending on if you want downdraft (summer) or updraft (winter), and it will operate quietly without making any sound at all. This unit comes with a 2″ and 3″ downrod that will help you have it in the right distance from the ceiling, and help you to get the optimal air movement wherever you’ll place it.

The Hunter 54098 has a convenient three-system positioning system that allows for angled, low or standard mounting. Like many other ceiling fans, this unit comes with a pull-chain that will make it possible for you to change between its three speeds. With an airflow capacity of 5803 CFM, it is capable of stirring a lot of air, and it will also be able to help you keep annoying insects away. This ceiling fan is super solid and built to last, but if anything were to happen, you’ll have a limited lifetime warranty on it.

Key Features:

  • ETL damp-rated – for outdoor use
  • Reversible WhisperWind motor that will operate quietly
  • 5 blades, 13 degree blade pitch for optimal air movement and performance
  • Comes with a 2″ and 3″ downrod
  • Pull-chain operational

Bottom Line: The Hunter 54098 is very solid and effective and in our opinion the best outdoor ceiling fan


Hunter 52092 Watson Ceiling Fan with Light, 34″/Small, Brushed Nickel – Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan

View On Amazon

If you’re looking for a smaller ceiling fan, and one to use in a small room, like a bedroom or office, then you might want to check out the Hunter 52092 Watson Ceiling Fan. Although, it’s relatively small in size (34″), this unit will still deliver a big performance and put off lots of air. This ceiling fan comes with 5 dark walnut / cherry reversible blades, and with a WhisperWind reversible motor that will deliver a powerful air movement, whilst operating quietly. The Hunter 52092 also comes with a light, which is a nice addition for a fan that is intended to be used in the bedroom.

Both a 2″ and a 3″ downrod is also included, to ensure that you’ll have it placed in the most appropriate distance from your ceiling. The three speeds and the light can be operated and set, using the dual pull chains. People who has bought the Hunter 52092 seem to be very happy with their purchase, as the rating on Amazon (4.7 of 5) is the highest we’ve seen when it comes to ceiling fans, and basically all the reviews are filled with nothing but praise, and people seem to be very impressed with this fan’s abilities and performance for its affordable price. If something unlikely were to happen with its motor, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • Reversible WhisperWind motor, very quiet in use
  • 5 dark walnut / cherry blades – 34″ blade span
  • 60Watt Swirled Marble Bowl Light Kit
  • Pull-chain operational (fan and light)
  • Air flow capacity of 3515CFM
  • Motor is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Bottom Line: This small and affordable ceiling fan, is impressively efficient and is perfect for being used in the bedroom.


Kensgrove 72 inch LED Indoor/Outdoor Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan By Home Decorators Collection

View On Amazon

The Kensgrove Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan in espresso bronze is perfect for being used in large areas, and its 8 weather resistant maple blades (plastic), with a 72-inch blade span, makes it able to push out an impressively 10484CFMs, for maximal air movement. This unit comes with a frosted opal glass light kit, which can be dimmed by using the handheld remote that comes with this ceiling fan. The remote can also be used to operate the speed control (9 speeds) and direction of the fan, as the motor is reversible, and comes with included batteries. This unit is also Energy Star-rated for energy efficiency and comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Lots of owners seem to be well pleased with this ceiling fan, as its got a very good (4.4 of 5) rating on Amazon, and pretty much all the reviews we’ve read about this unit praises it for being very efficient, yet operating very quietly. If you need a ceiling fan that can move a lot of air, whether it’s indoor or outdoors, then this Kensgrove ceiling fan is definitely one to check out.

Key Features:

  • Wet rated – designed for indoor / outdoor use
  • Eight weather resistant maple blades
  • Light kit
  • Remote that operates light dimming and speed control
  • Quick install blade system for fast and easy installation – Threaded downrod, 4-1/2 in. L x 3/4 in.
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor
  • Energy Star-rated for energy efficiency

Bottom Line: Very nice and solid ceiling fan that operates quietly, yet moves a -lot- of air


Monte Carlo 5DI44WHD, Discus II, 44″ Ceiling Fan, White

View On Amazon

The Monte Carlo Discuss II Ceiling Fan is a modern and stylish looking unit, designed not just only for fashion, but also for function, as the reversible premium torque-induction motor and blades is balanced perfectly for a wobble free operation. It also works quietly, whilst still being able to move the air nice and efficiently. This ceiling fan comes with 5 blades and a blade span of 44″, making it a good option to use as a bedroom ceiling fan, or in any other room of your choice. A light kit is also included, and it comes with one 75W mini candelabra-bulb.

The rating on Amazon for this product is a decent 4.2 of 5, and most reviewers are more than happy with their purchase and reports that it performs quietly, although there’s a few owners reports that it makes a slight hum sound. The motor on this unit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Feature:

  • 5 blades – 44″ blade span
  • 12 degree blade pitch
  • Reversible premium torque-induction motor
  • Light kit
  • Airflow up to 4262 CFM
  • Pull-chain controls light and fan
  • Limited lifetime warranty on motor

Bottom Line: Attractive and efficient ceiling fan that comes with a nice light kit


Westinghouse 7801665 Comet 52″ Indoor Ceiling Fan, With Light Kit

View On Amazon

The Westinghouse Comet Ceiling Fan is the best-seller on Amazon in the “ceiling fans with light kits”-category. This unit comes in a stylish matte black finish (also available in white, brushed pewter, espresso and outdoor white) and will add traditional comfort to any room. It has got 5 reversible blades and a blade span of 52″, which makes it ideal for rooms up to 225 square feet. The Westinghouse Comet sports a light kit with frosted glass, which contrasts nicely with the matte black housing, and you’ll get two 40W candelabra base bulbs included.

This unit comes with a reversible high-quality cold-rolled steel motor, that has got triple capacitors and which offers lots of air movement (3588 CFM), whilst still operating quietly. Changing the speed (3-speeds) can be done by using the pull chain attached for the fan, and there’s also a chain for the light. This ceiling fan is perfect for being flush mounted on standard 8 ft. ceilings, but you could also use the 3/4 in. x 4 in. downrod that comes with it. The motor on the Westinghouse Comet is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, while all the other parts has got a two-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • 5 reversible blades – 52″ blade span
  • Reversible and powerful cold-rolled steel motor that operates quietly
  • Light kit (two 40W candelabra base bulbs)
  • Pull-chain operational (fan and light)
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the motor, two years on other parts

Bottom Line: Affordable and stylish indoor ceiling fan


Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

View On Amazon

The Hampton Bay Hugger is a flush-mount indoor ceiling fan, perfect for rooms with limited ceiling height. This affordable and traditional looking low profile unit comes with 5 reversible blades with maple and walnut finish, and it’s got a blade span of 52″, which makes it ideal for rooms up to 20ft. x 20ft. The integrated frosted opal schoolhouse light kit on the Hampton Bay Hugger requires a medium-base light bulb, and will give your room a nice light output.

When it comes to the airflow, this ceiling fan can produce up to 4670 CFM of air movement when set at the high speed (3-speeds). The Hampton Bay Hugger has got a nice 4.3 of 5 rating on Amazon, and most reviews are positive, although some are reporting that it is a little noisy.

Key Features:

  • 5 reversible blades with walnut and maple finish – 52″ blade span
  • Integrated frosted opal schoolhouse light fixture
  • Airflow up to 4670 CFM
  • Flush Mount

Bottom Line: Nice budget ceiling fan



If you need help to install a ceiling fan you should check out this guide.



Here’s a video on how to install a Hunter 5-series model ceiling fan:



Choosing a ceiling fan can be a little tricky as you have to take into consideration the style, ceiling height and vault, room size, the functions you’ll need etc. Hopefully our mini-guide, along with our list of reviews of the best ceiling fans of 2020 , has made you better prepared to make the best choice.

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