Best 4K TV’s Under $1000

Best 4K TVs Under $1000


Just a few years ago, a 4K TV (also known as Ultra HD) would be way too expensive for most of us, but as technology is always changing and updating, today it is possible to get a high quality 4K TV, even on a low budget. We’ve looked into the best 4K TVs under $1000, and hope you will have good use of the information we have provided, in your search for the best TVs to buy.

Before we dive into the reviews of these 4K TVs, let’s take a closer look at what the 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV technology really is, and why this technology has started to take off. If you would rather go straight to the reviews, feel free to do so by using the links in the table below, which will take you to the review you want to read.

Name Display TechnologySize (alternative sizes) 
LED55" (49,65,75)Our Fave
TCL 55S405

LED55" (43/49/65)Best Value

LED55" (65/75)
TCL 55C807

LED55" (65/75)
LED49" (55/65/75/82)
LED60" (55/65)
Sony XBR55X800ELED55" (43/49)


What You Need to Know About 4K UHD TVs

4K Ultra High Definition Television is the official name of the technology (4K UHDTV), and is a format with an image resolution that is four times higher than the aged, and still widely used, Full HD 1080p TV. A 4K screen has 3840×2160 pixels, while a Full HD screen has 1920×1080 pixels. In short, these extra pixels will give you a lot better image clarity and sharpness, than a Full HD 1080p TV will give you, as you’ll be able to see the fine details way more clearly on a 4K TV.

Making a good 4K TV isn’t just about how many pixels there is, but also about the quality of these pixels. This is where technologies like HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) helps to improve the quality of the pixels, giving you top picture quality. Not all 4K TVs will support HDR, as these are separate technologies. Having a 4K TV with HDR (and WCG) will make the picture more lifelike, the colors will be less muted, and the objects on the screen will appear to have more depth.

Another important reason that the 4K TVs have started to take off in the market, is because of the streaming video market, game consoles like XBox One X and PS4 Pro, and the Blu-ray industry, all have embraced this technology. This indicates that it might be smart to choose a 4K TV the next time you’re buying a new TV, if you haven’t got one already.

Thanks to the high resolution that the 4K TVs provides, you will be able to sit much closer to the screen, while enjoying the clear pictures that it gives you. The optimal viewing distance that is recommended for a 4K TV is basically twice as close as with a regular Full HD 1080p TV. You will get the best experience when sitting closer to the screen. When sitting further back, you won’t experience the full benefits of the 4K technology, although you will still be able to enjoy the top picture quality and clarity regardless of the distance. You can find the recommended viewing distance for 4K TVs here, along with some other information about what to look for when buying a new TV.

Ok, so now you’ve hopefully got a better idea of what “4K” means, and some information about some of the benefits of this technology. Even if you haven’t, we will still be able to help you find the best 4K TV in the lower price range.

As time has passed, the 4K televisions have become significantly cheaper, and you’ll be able to get a good and solid 4K TV at a low price. We’ve decided to put our focus on the best 4K TVs under $1000, and we will constantly update this list with the latest and best TVs in this category, to keep you informed and updated about the best deals on the market.


Sony XBR55X900E – Our Fave 4K TV under $1000

Our Fave

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If you’re in the market for an affordable 4K TV, you definitely should consider the Sony X900E, as you won’t find a better TV in this price range. In our opinion, the excellent picture quality of this 4K HDR Smart TV gives you a lot of value for the money. The great colour reproduction, combined with good contrast ratio and the smooth motion of the picture, makes this an excellent choice for all types of viewing (tv-shows, sports, movies, video games/gaming, pc monitor). It also performs very well both in a bright (handles reflections well) and a dark room. You basically can’t go wrong, regardless of what you intend to use this TV for.

In addition to the top quality pictures that the X900E provides, we also really like the design. The TV has thin borders that looks good, average thickness (max 5,8 cm), and a good-looking metal stand that comes with the TV, with slots for cable management at the rear of the metal stand. The stand supports the TV very well, and is very stable.

The TV also comes with 4 HDMI slots (and 3 USBs), giving you the chance to connect all your favourite devices to it. The audio quality of the X900E is decent, but not the best, which is quite normal for most flat screen TVs. Adding speakers our a soundbar could be a good idea, to improve the experience of the sound.

The smart platform used on the X900E is Android TV, which comes with many apps and services. You’ll also be able to access the Google Play Store, and extend the functionality by downloading more apps if you want, which is very convenient. The remote that follows the TV is quite big and has many buttons, as well as a well functioning microphone for voice search.


  • Excellent picture quality (the best in its price range)
  • Works great for all kind of usage (best TV to watch sports), and performs equally good in a bright or a dark room
  • 4 HDMI slots and 3 USBs
  • Nice design


  • Sound quality is decent, but not great (could be improved by adding speakers or a soundbar)
  • When viewed from the side, picture quality degrades a little, but not much

Bottom line: The Sony X900E is an excellent choice, and the best in its price range


TCL 55S405

Best Value


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The TCL S405 is an excellent choice if you’ve never owned a 4K TV and want something affordable, but with high quality. Compared with other similar sized TV’s, the S405 performs surprisingly good, and it’s well worth the low price. This TV has good picture quality and handles fast motion really well. It also has very low input lag, making this TV a good choice, also for gamers. The native contrast ratio makes it perform great in a dark room, however it doesn’t perform as good when set in a bright room, with a lot of light.

The design of the TCL S405 is pretty basic, but nice looking. It comes with a plastic stand that supports the TV well. The sound quality of the S405 is decent, but not the best, and it could be a good idea to connect an external sound device to it. This TV has 3 HDMI inputs and 1 USB input, which might not be enough for some people.

The smart platform on the S405 is Roku TV, which is very easy to use. The Roku TV doesn’t have as many apps as some of the other platforms, but it has all the popular ones. You could use the remote that follows, or you could have your smartphone or tablet act as the TV remote, by using the Roku app, which could be very convenient.


– Good picture quality
– Low price
– Very low input lag
– Performs well for all kinds of usage (movies, sports, video games, pc monitor)


– Doesn’t get very bright, making it not perform as good in a bright room, with a lot of light
– 3 HDMI inputs (1 USB)


Bottom line: The TCL S405 is an excellent choice for a low budget TV. 


Samsung Electronics UN55MU9000

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The versatility of the Samsung MU9000 makes this TV a good choice no matter what you intend to use it for. The picture quality on the MU9000 is very good, it handles motion really well and it has a low input lag. The excellent contrast ratio makes the TV perform equally well in a dark, as in a bright room, and it handles reflection in the form of bright lights in a very good way. The image accuracy degrades somewhat when viewed at an angle.

The design of the MU9000 is our favourite out of the TVs we have reviewed here, as it looks and feels great and is super thin. The stand that comes with the TV is quite small and fits most tables, and it keeps the TV stable. The sound quality on the MU9000 is decent, but could be improved by adding an external sound device. This TV comes with an external OneConnect box which contains all the HDMI inputs (4) to the TV.

The Samsung MU9000 runs Samsung Tizen (also called Smart Hub) as its smart platform. It’s easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. The remote on the TV has a mic for voice control, which makes it possible to change settings, apps, and search for content by using your voice.


– Good picture quality, very good “all round” TV
– Very nice design
– 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB inputs


– Image accuracy degrades to an extent when viewed at an angle
– Comes with an external box for inputs, which some may not like

Bottom line: Very nice design. Comes close to the Sony X900E.


TCL 55C807

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The TCL C807 is a low budget TV with more than decent quality and is a good choice, no matter what you intend to use it for. The overall picture quality is good, and the C807 performs well, especially in a bright room as it deals with reflection and glare really well. However, when viewing from an angle, the picture quality detoriates a bit. The C807 has very low input lag, which makes it a good TV for gaming.

The design of the TCL C807 is really nice and looks and feels very professional. It has thin metal borders and a soundbar facing the front. This TV comes with a metal stand that provides good and stable support. The sound quality on the C807 is decent, but like with most flat screens, it would be best to add speakers or a soundbar to it. If you want to connect other devices to your TV, there’s 3 HDMI input slots and 1 USB slot which you could use.

The C807 uses Roku TV as the smart platform, which is very easy to use and that has fluid navigation. Roku gives you a wide selection of apps that you could download and use, and you could program your smartphone and/or tablet to act as the remote, using the app from Roku.


– Performs well in a bright room setting
– Low input lag
– Nice and professional looking design


– “Only” 3 HDMI inputs and 1 USB input
– Not the best picture quality when viewing from an angle
– Handles motions ok, but not great

Bottom line: Overall, a good low budget TV


Samsung Electronics UN49NU8000

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The Samsung NU8000 handles different usage very well, which puts it in the versatile use category. We really like the picture quality of the NU8000, and especially the way it handles motions, as a consequence of a fast response time. The high native contrast ratio makes this TV suited for viewing in a dark room, and it also performs well in a brighter setting. When viewed from an angle however, the picture detoriates a bit, but that’s not unusual when it comes to TVs in this price range. The input lag is very low, making this TV an excellent choice for console gamers.

The design on the Samsung NU8000 is also something we really like as it has a really nice and professional look. It comes with a very solid stand, that keeps the TV stable well-supported. The sound quality is ok, but could be much better if you connect some speakers or a soundbar to the TV. Unlike the Samsung MU9000, the NU8000 doesn’t come with the OneConnect box, which means that all the connections ( 4 HDMI slots and 2 USBs) are at the side/back of the TV.

The smart platforms that runs on the NU8000 is the Tizen smart platform (also known as Smart Hub), which is easy to navigate and well organized, and which gives you the chance to download apps via Samsung’s app store. If you want, you could use the Bixby voice assistant that comes with it, to help you navigate.


– Excellent for “all round” use
– 4 HDMI and 2 USB inputs
– Really good picture quality
– Very low input lag


– The picture detoriates a bit when viewed from an angle

Bottom line: Great “all round” TV, with very good picture quality and nice design


LG Electronics 60UJ7700


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The LG UJ7700 is a nice and solid 4K smart TV for a relatively low price. This TV has good picture quality, and provides a good picture even when viewing from an angle. The UJ7700 is quite versatile, but it doesn’t perform the best in darker settings as the contrast ratio isn’t amongst the very best in this category. It has a fast response time, and handles motion quite well, and it has very low input lag, which means it can properly display most content in a very good way.

The design of the UJ7700 is quite nice, with thin looking plastic “silver” borders. The TV comes with a stand that is almost as wide as the TV itself, which could cause an issue if you intend to place it on a small table. The stand looks nice, and supports the TV well. The sound quality is the same as on most TVs in this category, it could do with some additional sound devices connected to it. The UJ770 has 4 HDMI inputs and 2 inputs for USB, which allows you to connect your favourite devices to it.

The UJ7700 has LG’s web OS smart platform running on it, which is very easy to navigate and use, by using the quick menu buttons on the remote. The remote also has a microphone for voice commands.



– Overall nice picture quality
– Wide viewing angle
– 4 HDMI and 2 USB slots


– Doesn’t perform very well in darker settings
– Display of fine details isn’t the very best


Bottom line: Overall a decent, versatile TV


Sony XBR55X800E

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The Sony X800E is a solid and good 4K HDR Smart TV, with good picture quality. The X800E has a fast response time, and deals very well with motion, as well as it has a great looking colour spectrum. It also has a wide viewing angle, which means the picture will look good, even from the sides. Because of low input lag and the good handling of motions, this TV would be a good choice for gamers.

The design looks very nice and is very similar to the X900E, except from the plastic stand that comes with it, which supports the TV well and keeps it stable. The stand also has tracks at the rear of the stand, for basic cable management. The sound quality on this TV is decent, and similar to most flat screens. If you want better sound, it could be a good idea to connect a soundbar or a set of speakers to it.

This TV also has 4 HDMI slots (and 3 USBs), which is convenient if you’ve got a few devices that you’d like to connect to it. The smart platform used on the X800E is Android TV, which allows you to switch between the apps, as well as supplement with more, using the Google Play Store.


– Good picture quality, good motion and low input lag
– Wide viewing angle
– 4 HDMI slots


– Lacks depth in black, less suitable for use in dark settings
– Not the best at dealing with reflections

Bottom line: The Sony X800E is a good choice, especially for gamers



There’s not much that separates TVs in this price range, but our choice fell on the Sony X900E, as it overall was the best TV in this price range. The TCL S405 (mostly because of the low price) and the Samsung MU9000 is also a really good choices in this category.

What functionality you want your TV to have may differ, and it could be a good idea to check and see if the TV you’re looking to buy, has all the functionalities that you want. Hopefully, our best of list have given you a better idea of which of the TVs that might suit you the best, and helped you make a purchasing decision.


If you want improved audio quality on your TV-set, check out our list of the 9 best soundbars under $400.


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